Headless eCommerce for modern developers

unCarte let's you build & scale eCommerce solutions anywhere and everywhere with zero infrastructure management and a fraction of the cost.

developer sitting as hist desk

Front end, JAM stack, Iot, App & No Code developers! meet the better, faster & smarter way to build your next eCommerece project!

What makes us different.

Get fast, scalable & affordable eCommere experiences to your target market. Quicker!

A product geared for the eCommerce landscape of Africa.

Less management. More building. Focus on what matters!

One source of truth. Publish Everywhere.

developer sitting as hist desk

What is included ?

Organisational Dashboard for easy management

Full access to our API

Multiple Organisations, One account

Shared or Dedicated Hosting

Built in payment providers

Built in shipping providers

...and more!

Discover our API's

Product API

Simple or Varaints, with descriptions, prices, tax, custom properties and more. Manage your products how you see fit!

Category API

Organise your products into as many categories as you want! Zero limits.

Coupon API

Create or apply discounts with simple coupon endpoints make it available for customers apply it conditionally, its all up to you!

Customer API

Customer management is at the core of our API. Manage customers with ease and use our unique auth endpoint to validate your customers on your applications.

Orders API

Capture orders for your customers with ease, our orders api takes out the hassle and keeps it simple. Build as you see fit without too many constraints.

Shipping API

Create shipping methods for your customers to choose from, or create new shipping requests to your shipping provider straight from our dashboard or API.

Payments API

Adding payments have never been this easy, A simple end point to handle your payment for you with your provider of choice.

Email API

Transactional emails all handled on our server, automatic emails for new orders or payment reminders all build in already.

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What currencies do you support?

Our platform will be currency agnostic, this will give developers the choice of how they wish to handle currencies. We will have some currency features but nothing explicit.

What countires do you support?

Although our platfrom is built to serve African countries more so than others, it can 100% be used for any country regardless.

When will you officially launch?

At this point we have no confirmed launch date, we plan to do closed testing by Q3 2021

How much will it cost

Final pricing TBC

What shipping providers are included


What payment providers are included

We will have common providers such as PayPal, Stripe & Manual payments. More area specfic platforms will be announced soon.

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